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The Clean Indoor Air Alliance

The Importance of Clean Air In the Home

How do I improve the air in my home?

How Healthy or Hazardous is the Air in my Home?
  • My home seems to be too humid
  • I always seem to be dusting and cleaning my home
  • I have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies
  • Some rooms in my house are too hot and others are too cold
  • I'm concerned about the deadly threat of carbon monoxide in my home

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    My home seems to be too humid.

    Humidity can be bad for a home. The excessive moisture can crack walls, damage furniture, and ruin artwork. Yet humidity is produced everywhere in your home. It comes from the water in your shower, the damp soil in your houseplants, and a number or other areas.

    Humidity cannot only hurt your home; it can be hazardous to you and your family. Mold and fungus thrive off of moisture. The American Lung Association states that mold and fungus can trigger allergic reactions, and in general, these harmful particles can pose danger to people with respiratory problems.

    How much humidity is enough humidity?
    Your home should ideally be within the 35% to 60% humidity range. When your home is within the optimal range, you not only are providing your family with a healthier environment, you're conserving energy.

    In the summer, too much humidity makes the air feel hotter and makes your air conditioner work harder. And in the winter, simply adding a little humidity to the air makes your home feel warmers, so you're less likely to turn up the thermostat.

    Mold and fungi could be the reason for many of your allergic flare-ups.

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