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The Clean Indoor Air Alliance

The Importance of Clean Air In the Home

How do I improve the air in my home?

How Healthy or Hazardous is the Air in my Home?
  • My home seems to be too humid
  • I always seem to be dusting and cleaning my home
  • I have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies
  • Some rooms in my house are too hot and others are too cold
  • I'm concerned about the deadly threat of carbon monoxide in my home

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    I always seem to be dusting and cleaning my home.

    No one enjoys dusting and cleaning, especially when it seems like that's all you're doing. But dust is more than an unsightly thing that covers your furniture and ceiling fans. Dust contains microscopic spider-looking creatures called dust mites.

    Dust mites flourish in homes. They eat the dead skin flakes that are shed by humans and pets, and they love dark, damp spots to hide and breed. With each person shedding up to 700,000 skin scales a day and the air ducts in your home acting as the perfect hiding spot, dust mites can overtake your home.

    Dusting and dry mopping cannot rid your home of dust mites. It only scatters them. Many vacuums cannot eliminate these devilish creatures. Instead, they constantly resurface in your home and are one of the main triggers for asthma and allergy attacks.

    Does it seem like you're spending more time dusting and cleaning your home than actually living in it?

    If so, it is most likely symptomatic of poor indoor air quality. But there are ways to make the interior of your home a cleaner and more maintenance-free place to live.

    Several thousand dust mites can be found in a pinch of dust.

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